About us

Access has very steep roots in the Food industry. The Garozzo family being the private family company owning the facility, have been involved in the food business for over 50 years in the Far North.

2nd generation immigrants to Australia, Lui Garozzo, son of the founder of the Garozzo businesses, now runs and operates the Cold Storage arm of the families interests. Lui is very proud to also have his Daughter Rebecca now also joining the business having completed her University studies.

Management Team:

With any business, you are as only strong as your team. ACDS pride themselves in having very long term standing staff that all have grown with the business.

Robbie Del Manso: Manager of Operations:

Robbie has been with Garozzo Family for over 20 years, his extensive knowledge of Produce, Food, and logistics is simply outstanding. Robbie leads his team by example, and like the companies founder, has a definite adage of never saying NO. His customer focus, and ability to make things happen, is refreshing in this day and age.

Dianne Hance : Administration Manager:

Di likewise has been with the company since we started at Access. Her knowledge of the Prawning and Fishing Industry is second to none.

Rebecca Garozzo:

Our latest addition to the team, Rebecca has grown in the business since childhood, so through her fathers love for the business has taken a natural gravitation to the families’ interests. Rebecca is assisting in the evolving improvement of management systems from IT and Quality Assurance compliance and company standards.